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BiTsensor®PE(St)CH B2ca (New)

Halogen-free cable for RS 485 transmission
Industrial application Indoor application Vertical flame propagation for a single cable (EN 60332-1) Vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched cables (EN 60332-3) Halogen-free (EN 60754) Low smoke emission  (EN 61034) Data transmission


Technical data:


  • Cable type: Data transmission cable
  • Test voltage: 2500V

Installation details:

  • Indoor cable
  • Min. installation temperature: -20℃

Environmental resistance:

  • Halogen-free
  • Flame retardance on a single wire
  • Flame retardance on a bunched wires

Certificates and approvals:

  • CPR Certificates / DoP

Cable construction:


  • Conductor: tinned copper conductors
  • Conductor stranding: class 2 (acc. to EN 60228, IEC 60228)


Cable BiTsensor®PE(ST)CH B2ca is dedicated for EIA/RS-485 transmission. The cable has a low capacity, thus ensuring high transmission speed for long connections. Used in protocol-based networks BACnet MS/TP, Linknet, MODbus RTU, etc. Cables may be used in dry and damp rooms, and are suitable for fixed installations.
Cables classified according to PN-EN 50575 (CPR).