Designing Libraries


WSCAD is a system dedicated for designing automation systems, creating electrical and energy projects, as well as internal installations in buildings. It is a complete application for creating projects documentation and backups, used also for projects management. The program allows for the usage of current and former product catalogues of Cable Factory BITNER.
BITNER cable database to download : WSCAD


The EPLAN Electric P8 product database contains 11785 items from our catalogue. Full availability of information in Polish, English and Russian allows choosing the right products by the users all over the world. Except from basic information regarding the design and application,  the database contains photos and suggestions for their alternatives of available products.
The attachment in the PDF format  describes the contents of the database more specific and provides installation guide.


SEE Electrical

SEE Electrical, a program offered by IGE + XAO Poland, is used for designing pneumatics and hydraulics as well as creating I/O diagrams of PLC controllers.
It is helpful while designing electrical and automation systems quickly and accurately.
Our control and power cables as well as the full range of servo cables and new solutions for fireproof cables are available now in the Web Catalog, in the IGE + XAO customer area.


SEE Electrical EXPERT

It is used for designing pneumatics and hydraulics as well as creating I/O diagrams of PLC controllers. It allows you to quickly and perfectly design electrics and automation SEE Electrical V8R1 SP 4 (build 21). The program has an additional module that allows to generate one-line diagrams based on installation plans. SEE Electrical is often referred to as ‘electric Cad’. The products are now available in the Web Catalog, available in the IGE + XAO customer area.



PCSCHEMATIC Automation 19 is an easy and intelligent designing program for automation and electrical engineering. The product base is compatible with the latest available installation versions. The program contains over 11700 products made by Cable Factory BITNER. Each of them is available both online and offline after installation. The database has been enriched with additional language versions: English and Russian. In addition, each product has an EAN 13 code assigned, in accordance with the catalogue index of Cable Factory BITNER [Ltd.].
BITNER cable database for download: PCSCHEMATIC Automation

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