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BiT 1000®solar H1Z2Z2-K PV

Flexible single-conductor cables, for photovoltaic systems, acc. to EN 50618, IEC 62930
Classified according to EN 50575 Indoor application Outdoor application UV resistant Vertical flame propagation for a single cable (EN 60332-1) Halogen-free (EN 60754) Low smoke emission  (EN 61034) High flexibility Oil resistance (EN 60811-404)


Technical data:


  • Cable type: Power cable
  • Test voltage: 6,5 kV

Installation details:

  • Indoor cable
  • Flexible connections
  • Outdoor cable
  • Min. installation temperature: -15℃

Environmental resistance:

  • Halogen-free
  • Flame retardance on a single wire
  • UV resistance
  • Enhanced oil resistance

Certificates and approvals:

  • CPR Certificates / DoP

Cable construction:


  • Conductor: tinned copper conductors
  • Conductor stranding: class 5 (acc. to EN 60228, IEC 60228)


BiT 1000® solar H1Z2Z2-K PV cables are designed to make connections between solar modules and between module sets, as well as to connect module sets to inverter. Thanks to high environmental resistance they are suitable for all kinds of photovoltaic systems, panels mounted on roofs of buildings and extended solar power plants. Cables are halogen-free and can be safely installed in buildings. Flame propagation on single cable according to EN 60332-1, IEC 60332-1. Cables conform norm EN 50618 and IEC 62930. Estimated operation time: min. 25 years. Cables classified according to PN-EN 50575 (CPR).