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BiTflame®AS FE 180/E90

Fire resistant, halogen-free telecommunication cable
Indoor application Vertical flame propagation for a single cable (EN 60332-1) Vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched cables (EN 60332-3) Halogen-free (EN 60754) Low smoke emission  (EN 61034) 180 min. insulation resistance to fire (IEC 60331) 90 min. circuit integrity (EN 50200) 90 min. circuit integrity (VDE 4102-12)


Technical data:


  • Cable type: Telecommunication cable
  • Operating voltage: 150/250V
  • Test voltage:
    AC 1500V
    DC 2250V
  • Insulation resistance: (minimum) 500MΩ*km

Operating temperature:

  • Fixed installation: -40℃ do 80℃
Pair loop resistance at 20°C (maximum):
0,8 mm - 75 Ω/km
1,0 mm - 48 Ω/km
1,4 mm - 26,6 Ω/km
1,8 mm - 14,96 Ω/km
2,3 mm - 9,6 Ω/km
2,8 mm - 6,4 Ω/km
Mutual capacitance of pair at 1 kHz
Unscreened cable: 120 nF/km
Screened cable: 15 0nF/km
Min. bending radius: 10 x Ø

Installation details:

  • Indoor cable
  • Min. installation temperature: -5℃

Environmental resistance:

  • Halogen-free
  • Flame retardance on a single wire
  • Flame retardance on a bunched wires
  • Fire resistance (acc. to IEC 60331)
  • Fire integrity function (EN 50200, DIN 4102-12)

Cable construction:


  • Conductor: bare copper conductors
  • Conductor stranding: class 1 (acc. to EN 60228, IEC 60228)
  • Core arrangement: multi-core cable


Fire resistant, halogen-free telecommunication cables designed for emergency lighting installations, alarm- , signalling-, and teletransmission systems, in sound alarm systems as well as in fire warning systems, fire automation and other safety ensuring installations. Under fire conditions those cables ensure proper operation of installations for at least 90 minutes (PH90) and durability of conductors insulation for 3h (FE180). During burning cables do not emit corrosive gases or dense smoke. Cables are suitable for fixed installations inside buildings. BiTflame AS FE180/E90 cables have been tested in accordance with the requirements of DIN 4102 p.12 and can be installed in E90 cable support systems as their elements (installation on clamps located every 30 cm and 60 cm).