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BiTservo UV 3plus 2XSLCYK-J FR

Highly flame retardant flexible motor connection cables for frequency converters, with improved current carrying capacity, symmetric construction, UV resistant, rated 0,6/1kV
Classified according to EN 50575 Industrial application Indoor application Underground installation Outdoor application UV resistant Vertical flame propagation for a single cable (EN 60332-1) Vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched cables (EN 60332-3) Oxygen index High flexibility Electromagnetic compatibility


Technical data:


  • Cable type: Control / signal cable
  • Operating voltage: 0,6/1kV
  • Test voltage: 4000V
  • Insulation resistance: >200MΩ x km
  • Capacity: conductor/conductor = 70 to 250 nF/km
    conductor/screen = 110 to 410 nF/km

Operating temperature:

  • Fixed installation: -40℃ do 80℃
  • Flexible connections: -5℃ do 80℃
Max. conductor operating temperature: 90 °C
Min. bending radius:
Ø<12 mm – 5 x Ø
Ø=12÷20 mm – 7,5 x Ø
Ø>20 mm – 10 x Ø

Installation details:

  • Indoor cable
  • Direct installation in the ground
  • Outdoor cable
  • Min. installation temperature: -5℃

Environmental resistance:

  • Flame retardance on a single wire
  • Flame retardance on a bunched wires
  • UV resistance
  • LOI >29

Certificates and approvals:

  • CPR Certificates / DoP

Cable construction:


  • Conductor: bare copper conductors
  • Conductor stranding: class 5 (acc. to EN 60228, IEC 60228)
  • Screen: double screen
  • Core arrangement: multi-core cable


Cables with special construction, used to supply power motors from frequency converters while maintaining full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The polyethylene insulation ensures low capacitance in comparison to PVC insulated cables. The cables are suitable for both fixed installation and flexible connections in industrial equipment, process lines and machines operating in dry and damp rooms. Black UV resistant sheath enables installation outside of buildings. The cable is also suitable for direct burial. Symmetric construction of the cable (3+3PE) ensures symmetry of voltages on motor terminals. Cables classified according to EN 50575 (CPR).
Special properties:
- low capacitance
- fulfillment of electromagnetic compatibility requirements EMC*
- self-extinguishing sheath
- UV resistant sheath
*Note: in order to ensure optimal screen earthing and the fulfillment of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements of the connection, we recommend using metal glands or a different type of circular earthing system (360°).