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BiT CAN-BUS Drag Chain

Data transmission cables for CAN-BUS network, designed for drag chain operations
Classified according to EN 50575 Industrial application Indoor application Outdoor application UV resistant Halogen-free (EN 60754) Low smoke emission  (EN 61034) Electromagnetic compatibility Data transmission Drag chains Mechanical resistance Oil resistance (EN 60811-404) Chemical resistance


Technical data:


  • Cable type: Control / signal cable
  • Insulation resistance: 5 GΩ x km
  • Capacity: 40nF/km
  • Min. bending radius (flexible connections): 10 x Ø
  • Min. bending radius (fixed installations): 5 x Ø

Operating temperature:

  • Fixed installation: -50℃ do 80℃
  • Flexible connections: -40℃ do 80℃

Installation details:

  • Indoor cable
  • Outdoor cable
  • Drag chains
  • Min. installation temperature: -40℃

Environmental resistance:

  • Halogen-free
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Enhanced mechanical resistance
  • Enhanced oil resistance

Certificates and approvals:

  • CPR Certificates / DoP

Cable construction:


  • Conductor: bare copper conductors
  • Screen: tinned copper wire braid
  • Core arrangement: pairs / triples / quads


BiT CAN-BUS Drag Chain Cables for data transmission in CAN (Control Area Network) is designed for continuous operation in drag chains withstanding at least 5M bending cycles within a chain. Cable suitable for operation both indoors and outdoors. Cables classified according to EN 50575 (CPR).